Established in Liverpool in 1974 by editors Dave Ward and Dave Calder, Smoke continues to introduce readers to new work by some of the best-established names in the poetry business, as well as publishing and encouraging the works of newcomers.

Smoke has promoted independent poetry and art since its very first issue, and features black and white cover graphics as well as showcasing a wide range of poets within its pages.

Smoke is a slim volume, but the standard of material it contains more than compensates for any lack of bulk. There is no editorial and no reviews are featured- just top quality writing and artwork” –Writing Magazine

“A simple, cheap, quality magazine which has promoted consistently good work for over 25 years. I suppose it is the man behind this and the Windows Project that is the true landmark. That is, Dave Ward who encourages writers and promotes poetry with great dedication and has done so for decades.”- poetrysociety.org.uk


8 thoughts on “About

  1. Ken Cumberlidge says:

    Delighted to find that SMOKE was still around (I used to subscribe back in the 70s!). Having recently re-kindled my interest in poetry, I was thinking of subscribing again, but I notice that the last activity on this site is from May 2014. Is SMOKE still going nowadays? (Jan 2016)

  2. Belinda Johnston says:

    Hi. I attend Crosby Stanza led by Maria Isakova Bennett. I would like to send 6 poems for consideration to your magazine. Are you currently accepting submissions?

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